Bracelet: Made to measure bracelet. Fits your wrist and does not move. It settles inside, which prevents it from sliding, and closes above with a covered button. Very comfortable and 100 % cotton.



Drawstring purse: Two models, one, has a half moon shape and becomes round when closed. The other one, in a patchwork style, has a bigger size. Both are gathered with a black ribbon stopped in its extremities with a pearl.

Pencil case / make-up case: It measures about 8 inches long by 2 inches large and 2 1/4 high. A covered button on the side allows to close the zip easier when the case is opened.

Mini Obi belt: With its slinding system, it can be adjustable to the perimeter of waist or hips. The width is 5 cm (2 inches). An opening allows passing a strap and tying it on the front or on the side. Straps are composed of three braided laces and completed by a small “yoyo” and measure 70 to 120 cm (24 to 47 inches). No visible seams and reversible (black). Sizes available: S to 2XL.


Origami bag: handmade fabric bag with 2 handles to be worn on shoulders. Laid flat, octogonal, small size measures 16 inches and large size measures 23 inches. Each handle is 24 inches and 12 inches when worn on the shoulder. Black cotton lining.